We’re on a mission to bring our loyal customer base the most sought-after, contemporary brands, with price tags which are nothing short of amazing, if we do say so ourselves. With over a decade of experience, we’d like to think we have mastered our craft, and with an enthusiastic team who are bursting with bucket loads of industry knowledge, innovation, and of course their united love of a bargain, we’re ready to pass on our best kept secrets on how to secure those signature staple pieces, without costing you an arm and a leg. Now, let’s talk about our guiding principles, which make us… well, us!

Customer First

Here at Rolladeal, we pride ourselves on our ‘customer first’ approach to all aspects of our growing company. It’s SO important to us that it’s actually one of our core values, and we vow to give you an unrivalled shopping experience. From the moment you tap ‘Rolladeal’ into your browser, our goal is to provide a leisurely, yet efficient escapade, where you can put your feet up and scroll until your heart is content. If you find yourself needing to contact one of our dedicated customer service representatives, rest assured that the team are commitment to your complete satisfaction. From your first point of contact with us as a pre-sales enquiry, all the way to the delivery of your lucky find, we will be there every step of the way, complete with the personal touch which we’re known for. If you don’t end the call with a skip in your step, it doesn’t get a Rolladeal stamp of approval. You heard it here first!

Embrace Innovation & Technology

With more than 11 years in the business, we are one of the largest online department stores, and for good reason! You will struggle to find a team more enthusiastic about online retail and everything that encompasses it than us. As an ever-changing marketplace, complacency just isn’t in our vocabulary. We love to adapt and evolve with the market, and incorporate innovative practices and brand new technology, to guarantee the best possible experience for you. And the best news for you is that our zest for innovation doesn’t end with our advanced software. We continually strive to offer cutting-edge, and even state-of-the-art products across all areas of our store.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

We’re positive that you’ll find our site easy to use (and if not, let us know how we can improve!), because we really do understand our customers and their needs. Our tried-and-tested website incorporates a whole host of features which are based on what our shoppers love. We endeavour to accomplish standards of excellence consistently, by ensuring that our customers have an enjoyable experience while browsing on our site. From navigating through the site with ease, to our wealth of product information, to the simplicity of our check-out process, we aim to have it all. After all, we shouldn’t have to partake in mental gymnastics just to snap up some great deals!

Huge Products Range

At Rolladeal, we see ourselves as something of a ‘one stop shop’, where you can purchase just about anything, with only on shipment fee. It’s important to us that we only offer exceptional quality goods, but that doesn’t mean spending a pretty penny. You will find jaw-dropping deals across our site, from the velvet sofa of dreams, to the latest frocks, and even the futuristic gifts which will have the little ones’ elated, we cater to all. Whatever it is you’re on the lookout for, our ‘everyday discounts’ section might just show you an offer you simply can’t resist.
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