LockMaster Automatic Electrical Swing Gate Opener Kit 600KG
Thinking of having a more secured entrance at your home? Automatic gate is the definite answer. Protect your family and yourself from getting wet on raining days and the hot sun during summer time! Designed for heavy-duty use, this gate...
$571.90 $365.99
LockMaster Infrared Solar Swing Sliding Gate Opener
Infrared Solar Swing Sliding Gate Opener The infrared sensors can be placed between automatic gates to ensure that the sliding gate will not close accidentally on a vehicle or a person. Features* Hard frosted photocell* Design for any rough weather*...
$29.90 $18.99
LockMaster Wireless Control Keypad Gate Opener
Wireless Control Keypad Gate Opener With programmable and learning mode, the control keypad can have a password setfor optimum safety with the use of wireless keypad.Features* Compatible with all LockMaster gate openers* LED backlight key* Programmable and learning mode* Adjustable...
$55.90 $35.99
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